Sarah Class

Emmy-nominated composer, singer, songwriter Sarah Class brings an astonishing scope of talents and experience to every score. She is now one of Britain’s most sought-after young composers. Sarah’s ability to think quickly and clearly, together with a positive and flexible approach, equips her well for the challenges of working creatively with production teams to tight deadlines.

Sarah’s love for all music has led her to write diverse soundtracks that reflect the power and passion of the African savanna, to a classical score, through to jazz and more urban contemporary styles. One of her more recent scores for the BBC series, Madagascar is hugely popular and has generated a great deal of praise from press and audience alike.

Sarah’s epic score for The Meerkats, a Harvey Weinstein and BBC production is an exhilarating mix of musical textures featuring the richness of Sarah’s vocals, and African choir with full orchestral forces.

Sarah has written extensively for Europe and North America on a number of album, TV and film projects, notably, the score for the independent feature
The Weekend starring Gina Rowlands and Brooke Shields. This brought Sarah’s talents to the attention of legendary producer Sir George Martin, who took her under the wing of his company George Martin Music. Click Here to listen to her music