Biggi Hilmars

The music of Biggi Hilmars, described as having a ‘unique beauty’ needs little introduction. As one of Europe’s most acclaimed and in demand composers, his work on film scores, movie trailers, for television and commercials, will be familiar to many for its distinctive, provocative and deeply original sound that combines classical, electronic, ambient, avant-garde and popular influences. His name is familiar to those in the music industry but, more importantly, his work has reached many millions more cinema goers and television viewers.  Now, Biggi is breaking exciting ground with a new solo album ‘Dark Horse’ on which his powerful composing skills are fused with vocals, to create a series of beautiful songs. The album features a mesmerising mix of strings, electronica and brass with a hint of piano underscored by powerful drums over which Biggi’s distinctive, haunting voice soars and glides.

Icelandic by birth, but international by nature, Biggi has lived and worked in London, Reykjavik, Paris, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles.  His film work includes the music score for ‘Beeba Boys’ the crime thriller written and directed by Academy Award Nominee Deepa Mehta, the official movie trailer for ‘I Smile Back’, starring Sarah Silverman and music for the trailer for Thomas Vinterberg’s 2015 movie ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ starring Carey Mulligan.  Recent commissions include the original score to Thomson Holiday’s ‘Moments’ advertising campaign, recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the London Chamber Orchestra. Biggi has also recently composed for Apple, Skoda, IBM, Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet, to name but few. ~ Kim Willsher, journalist
‘Icelandic composers and musicians have mastered the fusion of classical & popular music and Biggi Hilmars is no exception. His music retains the unique beauty & cinematic soundscape that encompasses my love for the sound of Iceland.’
-Sarah Bridge, Music Supervisor ‘The Theory of Everything’

‘Heart-harpooning melancholia, beauty married to austerity.’

His sound is otherworldly and feels like it opens up a door to another world, which he invites you to enter.’
-Vala Omarsdottir, film director & performance maker

Music in Film
Biggi Hilmars – Overlanding – The Silk Road

Biggi Hilmars – Far From The Madding Crowd

Biggi Hilmars – I Smile Back

Biggi Hilmars Live
Biggi Hilmars – Fool’s Mate (Official Video):

Biggi Hilmars – War Hero Live @ Frikirkjan:

Biggi Hilmars – Lost Control (Live) at Frikirkjan: