Respect Music’s Sharon Dean offers Sync Representation & Consultancy services for artists, songwriters, record labels & individuals wishing to further their knowledge of the music industry. Please email Sharon Dean at for rates. Areas that covered are:-

  • Overview of the Music industry and how it  works
  • How to pitch your music for Synchronisation in TV, Film,Trailers, Ads and Games internationally
  • Metadata and why it is important
  • How and when to approach  record labels and music publishers.
  • PRS /MCPS membership/licensing  and how it works – assistance in the application for membership and song registration for writers and publishers
  • PPL membership,applications and registrations and simple explanation of how it works
  • Assistance with understanding the importance of Social Networking in the music industry
  • Assistance in finding a Producer for your project
  • Introduction to what  Booking Agents/Promoters are looking for and how and when to approach them
  • Pluggers and PR companies who they are what they do and why and when you need one
  • Introduction to manufacturers of physical product
  • Introduction to  aggregators for digital releases
  • The importance of co-writing
  • How and where to Network

Testimonials As a band, almost 2 years after formation, we’d reached a point where we weren’t sure how to progress to the next level – to gig in good venues for decent money and attract management. After hearing of the vast experience and expertise that Sharon Dean could offer at a consultation, we took the plunge and booked a session. We can safely say it was the best few hours and fee we could’ve spent, far exceeding our expectations. Sharon is brimming with such useful information and sound advice. She is very easy to talk to, doesn’t ever patronise and is clearly passionate about what she does. We left the meeting with brains buzzing and a clear strategy as to what needed to be done. Sharon’s ‘aftercare’ has been terrific – making sure we stay on track, sending much encouragement along the way. A lot of her advice has been quick and easy to implement, showing immediate results. Other tasks take longer in their execution, but we’re looking forward to booking our follow up consultation for Sharon to see all the encouraging results we’ve achieved so far since our meeting and receiving further advice for the next stage of our development. In short – a consultation with Sharon Dean of ‘Respect Music’ has been the guiding light that Arcelia was looking for . – Arcelia the Band.

Since I have known Sharon she has shown an unrivalled level of knowledge and care. She is lovely to speak with and is always looking for opportunies to give great advice and to help out. It is always a pleasure when dealing with Respect Music. – Peri Eskell.

Sharon was the Director of MCPS Licensing when I joined in 2005. She was  a thoroughly knowledgable, efficient and fantastic Director, to which I had the pleasure of working with. She has become a great friend and I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone that needs it.-  Sasha Cherry

Sharon has a passion for music and the ability to spot and nurture talent. Sharon is well connected in the music industry and has an in-depth knowledge of how it works – Murray Buchanan Music Lawyer

Sharon is one of those rare people in the Music Industry that not only knows her area of expertise, but is a pleasure to work with. She will always go the extra mile and has excellent follow through. -Ruth Simmons CEO Soundlounge

Sharon has a balanced perspective of business and an insight to character that far exceeds most people in her industry. Additionally, she has integrity, grit and determination – I would work with her under any circumstance and greatly respect her ability to undertake the most arduous work.- Gene Evans Merit Publishing